Seed Your Future launches Green Career Week

Seed Your Future launches Green Career Week

The campaign and accompanying toolkit are designed to showcase jobs in horticulture Oct. 3-7.

August 19, 2022

Seed Your Future has named Oct. 3-7, 2022 Green Career Week in an effort to connect horticulture, floriculture and agriculture companies with future generations.

"In my first year as executive director of Seed Your Future, I heard of the resounding need to connect with the next generation of employees. With the help of volunteers, we did something about it," said Jazmin Albarran.

Seed Your Future created Green Career Week to help businesses reach the next generation of professionals. The national campaign is led by industry professionals to increase awareness about green industry careers and help build relationships with local high schools.

During Green Career Week, participating businesses and organizations will connect with local high schools to showcase the various career paths at their business. Of course, businesses can reach out to schools anytime during the year ?— and Seed Your Future encourages that ?— but by working together during a designated week, we can give the industry a louder voice.

By signing up, participants will receive a "meeting in a box" with step-by-step guidance on engaging schools You must sign up to download all the resources.

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Set up a field trip to company site
  2. Send company representative(s) to a local high school or two
  3. Participate in the social media campaign 

When you sign up to download the toolkit, you'll get an automated email with a link to the resources.


Step-by-Step Guidance for a Successful Green Career Week:

1. Register your business so we can track the number of participants across the country and share that with the media, and we will also keep you posted on new tools and resources for your event.

2. Contact your local high school(s) to plan a school visit or a field trip to your business during Green Career Week. Adapt the language in the email as needed and send with the info sheet attached.

  • Sample email
  • Info Sheet

3. Plan out your visit to the school or the field trip to your operation:

  • Sample Itineraries
  • Sample Activities
  • Field Trip: FAQ
  • School Visit: FAQ
  • Minor Child Photo Release

4. Tell the local media about your involvement in Green Career Week:

  • Press Release
  • Media Toolkit

5. Get Social! Help make Green Career Week go viral – be sure to post photos and messaging reinforcing the mission of the event:

  • Social Media Toolkit

Learn more about Seed Your Future's efforts to encourage careers in horticulture in our March 2022 issue.