GrowIt! announces 2015/2016 Plantastic Idea Scholarship

GrowIt! announces 2015/2016 Plantastic Idea Scholarship

Students from ninth grade to university level are eligible.

November 3, 2015

In 2014, GrowIt! was founded by two aspiring young professionals in the field of horticulture. The goal was to inspire more people to engage with plants in their daily lives. In the past year over 50,000 people have signed up for GrowIt! They’ve used the app to find plants that will work well in their areas, they’ve had mystery plants identified and they’ve even made friends with other plant lovers around them. The GrowIt! vision is coming true. Now we want to know about your vision.

GrowIt! is proud to announce the 2015/16 Plantastic Idea Scholarship. We will be giving $1000 to three students. The goal is to promote young minds that have big ideas in the world of plants. Maybe as a student, you want to work to promote high school horticulture programs around the nation. Maybe you want to establish a national coalition for community gardens. Maybe you want to breed some new exciting houseplants. Whatever your vision is we want to hear about it!

This year’s scholarship is open to high school and college students with an interest in changing the world of plants. This year’s scholarship will be awarded on the basis of an essay.

The essay topic is: If we sent you two GrowIt! t-shirts, $1,000, a Square Card Reader, and a roll of duct tape, what would you do to change the world of plants forever? Let us know in 1,000 words or less. We want to know your Plantastic Idea!

The winning essay will be selected by a panel of professionals in the horticulture industry.

To be eligible:
- You must be a registered student in grades 9-12 or a college or university.
- You must complete a profile on the GrowIt! App
- You must upload at least 5 photos to the GrowIt! App
- You must email your essay (in .doc or .docx format) to
- Include your GrowIt! username with your essay.

All submissions are due by March 31st, 2016. Must be 14 years of age or older to apply.