More than poinsettias
Amaryllis has seen a boost in popularity as a holiday plant pairing.

More than poinsettias

Find new ideas to pair popular varieties with traditional holiday plants.

August 1, 2019

Poinsettias are the typical staple of the holidays at IGCs. But there are opportunities for garden centers to do more than business as usual.

Gary Vollmer, poinsettia technical manager for Selecta One, says the time is now to develop a plan for poinsettia pairings.

“Poinsettia sales have been pretty flat for the past couple of years,” he says. “There is increasing volume and formats for poinsettia combinations, and this seems to be a strong trend.”

Selecta ‘Christmas Joy’ Marble poinsettia

Timing is an important factor for IGCs that need to know when shoppers will be looking for those typical Christmas gifts.

“The market is shifting a bit later, and with a late Thanksgiving this year, it will move even more,” Vollmer says. “Large retailers continue to move the most volume and use Black Friday poinsettia promos to drive traffic.”

When you compare it to other crops, poinsettia continues to be the volume leader. Vollmer says the other holiday crop that is really getting a resurgence is amaryllis. Katie Rotella, spokesperson for Ball Horticultural Company agrees.

“There is a growing interest in amaryllis bulbs — especially the decorative ones dipped in colored wax or glitter accents,” she says. “They’re quite gift-y and are good for all skill levels.”

She also suggests Christmas cactus, an easy-care houseplant that prefers humidity, not the arid environment we typically associate with cacti. Interest in Christmas cactus feeds into the succulent craze, while herb rosemary can serve as both a functional and fragrant item to have around the holidays. Rotella says some can be turned into wreaths or topiary art and used right in the kitchen.

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