Organizers cancel IGC East

Organizers cancel IGC East

According to a letter from Jeff and Cheryl Morey, The Eastern Show for IGCs will not continue due to a lack of support and to shift focus back to the original IGC Show in Chicago.

October 14, 2016

Image: Jeff and Cheryl Morey have decided to cancel The Eastern Show For IGCs to focus on IGC Show in Chicago, pictured here. The Chicago event celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Courtesy of IGC Show.

IGC Show founders Jeff and Cheryl Morey have announced that the 3-year-old Eastern Show for IGCs, held in King of Prussia, Pa., this year, will not continue. What was known as IGC East launched in 2014 in National Harbor, Maryland, and moved to Baltimore in 2015.

"We thank you for being part of IGC Show's success for the past 10 years! Many of you have been here since the beginning, allowing us to bring this highly valued show to your IGC audience," Jeff Morey wrote in an e-mail. "Cheryl and I want to thank you personally for helping to keep this industry strong.

"As we begin our second decade serving the market with the IGC Show, we are shifting our focus back to IGC Show Chicago, making it the only event. The Eastern IGC Show will not continue. We very much thank those who supported the effort in the East. Though extensive research showed it was a prudent move, and the show did have its distinct fans - both exhibitors and attendees - we've come to the conclusion that the support is not enough to go forward at this time."

The original IGC Show will mark its 11th anniversary this summer and take place Aug. 15 -17 at Chicago's Navy Pier.

"We are presently busy at work planning IGC Show 2017 ... We will be keeping you informed about plans for 2017 and beyond as we work to energize our Chicago event with new ideas and innovation as we enter this exciting second decade with you!"

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