Fertilizer: A trusted brand

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August 21, 2019

Since 1953, The Stables Garden Center in North Babylon, New York, has been a steady resource to gardeners in and around the surrounding area. Along with seasonal annuals, evergreens, deciduous trees and more, they also carry multiple lines of lawn care and fertilizers, with the most popular being the GreenView Fairway Formula from the Lebanon Seaboard Corporation.

“Since I’ve been working, GreenView has always been here and has always had a good following,” says Ralph Capurso, grandson of the original Ralph Capurso who founded The Stables Garden Center.

Although The Stables Garden Center has sold five lines of fertilizers over the years, Capurso says the GreenView Fairway Formula has always been a superior product for his business and for customers.

“It’s a high-performance fertilizer. It’s long lasting and you don’t have to do that many applications,” Capurso says. “Since the late ‘70s, the following on the product has just naturally kept growing. Repeat customers recommend the fertilizer to people and I barely sell [other fertilizers] now.”

Capurso thinks the GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Care line is successful at The Stables because many independent garden centers in his area don’t carry lawn care supplies, along with testimonials from real people that others trust.

“It’s to the point now where people just walk in and pick it up,” Capurso says. “Or, I’ll have customers come in with photos on their phones showing me pictures and say, ‘This is what my friend uses, and they told me to come here.’ I think too, the Fairway Formula packaging is top shelf. It’s eye catching; it’s quality and people remember it easily. You just gravitate towards it.”

Capurso realized the power of GreenView’s Fairway Formula about 11 years ago when The Stables Garden Center’s second location closed in Farmingville, New York. After taking leftover products to the North Babylon store —which is a larger location — Capurso began to grasp the demand for the fertilizer.

“In a nutshell, in the 2009 season, I only had a couple pallets of product. In the 2019 season, I’m probably going to sell 65-70 pallets of Fairway Formula, so that’s the growth that I’ve had since 2009.”

And that increased unit volume translates to increased profits.

Homeowners get premium, professional results with less work when they use GreenView Fairway Formula lawn care products. With just two applications required for most lawns - spring & fall - these products reduce by half, the number of applications required by traditional step programs. The secret is the proprietary slow-release nitrogen technologies which provide continuous even greening for up to 12 weeks. The slow-release nitrogen percentages in this product line range between 59-63% slow release, which is unprecedented.

“It’s less applications, it lasts longer and it’s just a superior product,” Capurso says. “The people who use it just get hooked on it and it’s all word-of-mouth from there ... The reason why it has legs to it is because it works.”