Flower bulbs | Netherland Bulb Company makes marketing a breeze

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At Homestead Gardens, Netherland Bulb Company’s vast library of marketing materials, colorful displays and quality products helps catch their customers’ eyes.

October 11, 2021

As fall descends across North America, gardeners are ready to start their bulb planting. At Homestead Gardens’ two retail locations in Delaware and Maryland, they’re giving customers precisely what they want with the a vast array of bulbs.

Nina Bishop, perennials manager, says carrying Netherland Bulbs is an easy choice for Homestead Gardens, considering the wide selection of bulbs they offer.

“The first thing that comes to mind is their marketing for us. They just make marketing so easy,” she says. “They provide great online capabilities.”

Bishop says the IGC’s marketing team can easily access the Netherland Bulb library of materials, including photos, blurbs for social media, bloom charts and other information that helps capture customers’ attention.

“They provide so much marketing information, and it’s all so well researched. It’s a humongous time-saver for us so we don’t have to look all this stuff up,” she says.

Bishop also praises Netherland Bulb’s eye-catching display racks and colorful signage, which add a nice pop of color to the floor.

“Everything looks beautiful when they’re filled up in the displays. Their signage is so pretty because they have bright colors and little banners and things, which always looks really nice,” Bishop says.

There is currently a high demand for Netherland Bulbs at the garden center, which is a bit of a challenge due to nationwide shipping delays, she says.

“Our customers are calling about them constantly. I mean, every day our customer service reps are fielding calls about when our bulbs will get here. People are just waiting for them to come in!” she says.

She notes that in the two years that she’s been working there, customers have never complained about Netherland Bulb Company. She even has her own testimony: “I buy Netherland Bulbs myself, and I’ve always been pretty happy with them,” she says.

Bishop is also quick to point out that Homestead Gardens choose to carry Netherland Bulb because they have everything the IGC needs from variety to marketing materials, and calls buying from them a “one-stop shop” process.

“Since I am a buyer for four different locations, buying from them just makes my life easier tenfold,” she says.

Bishop also notes the efficacy of Netherland Bulb Company’s sales representatives and praises their attention to detail and quick turnaround times whenever she has a question.

“They have amazing reps. My rep is just amazing — Rene. He is just off the charts. They’re super quick to get back to you. Any time I have a question, I immediately get a response. And he’s a wealth of knowledge because he’s just been doing this for so long,” she says.

Netherland Bulb Company provides Homestead Gardens with a huge library of marketing materials from bloom charts to social media images and more.