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Power Planter augers make gardening faster and more accessible by taking the hard work out of digging.

October 11, 2021

Power Planter is helping gardeners get more plants in the ground with its line of power tool attachments that make planting easy.

Homestead Gardens first came across Power Planter at a trade show, where the pink augers caught their eye. They were the perfect fit for the company’s October Power of Pink breast cancer fundraiser, says Tony Gaughan, category manager of Homestead Gardens’ hard goods department.

Power Planter is even donating to the Power of Pink organization with each auger sold at the IGC. “So this was a no-brainer to us,” Gaughan says.

Gaughan also sees potential for the pink augers as gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. Homestead Gardens currently carries the 7-, 12- and 24-inch augers, and since the IGC is in the midst of selling fall bulbs, they have the Power Planter augers on display as add-on items.

“It’s got good size,” Gaughan says. “From what I can tell, coming from a hardware store background, it’s a much better quality and a heavier-duty product than some planter products I’ve seen in the past. So I feel like it’s a higher price point item because it’s a higher quality product. It’s just a matter of telling people, ‘It’s a premium price, but it’s a premium product and it’s going to make the job easier.’”

Homestead Gardens has two locations in Maryland and Delaware, where the soil has a lot of clay and sand. That can make gardening difficult, but with 33 years of product development behind them, Power Planter augers will stand up over time in all soil conditions. “This is heavy duty. This is going to hold up. It’s not going to be something that’s going to get used once and break down,” Gaughan says.

The fact that 90% of homeowners have a cordless drill makes Power Planter an easy solution for almost anyone.

Plus, they’re a safe option. Power Planter includes vital, easy-to-understand instructions with its products and is family-owned and operated in the U.S. And all products are backed by terrific customer service.

Power Planter’s augers make for great add-on sales when paired with bulb products.