Industry leaders offer resources for independent garden centers

Industry leaders offer resources for independent garden centers

A group of professionals has drafted a letter and marketing resources for you to share with your customers about the importance of plants.


An anonymous group of concerned industry leaders has drafted a letter for distribution to the consumer, to which they are inviting everyone in contact with consumers, especially independent garden centers, to distribute.

On Monday, they released the following statement:

The greatest opportunity in horticulture may be upon us in response to COVID-19, the group said, to immediately increase awareness of the benefits of plants and to mobilize consumers to be vigilant and prepared to promote and defend our industry to their peers and officials in their localities, counties and states.

The entire supply chain has a stake in this effort and the group is requesting that you publish this press release immediately to your audience, especially garden centers who can then publish to their consumer lists.

It is imperative as well as urgent that our industry mobilize to spread the good news about the benefits of plants now, the group said in a press release. This effort stands on its own merit however this spring in particular, there is pressure upon local and state governments to decide whether our industry is essential and should operate in the best and greater interest of our country. Within the letter are statements that clarify the importance of horticulture in these dire times, as well as a plea to the consumer to act in this belief.

Time is of the essence, the group urged, saying that you don’t have time to NOT do this as it may be the very thing that helps you in the near future, and beyond that, it will have lasting benefit by creating more awareness for the importance of horticulture in your area as well as around the region and country as similar efforts are made by others.

To see the customizable letter and other marketing resources CLICK HERE.