Jesse Hensen joins J. Berry Nursery

Jesse Hensen joins J. Berry Nursery

Hensen previously worked at Eason Horticultural Resources.

March 18, 2021

Per a press release, J. Berry Nursery welcomes Jesse Hensen as the Hollywood Hibiscus Supply Chain Manager. He will serve as a liaison between J. Berry Nursery, the young plant brokerage community, young plant producers, and the finished growers. He also will support trial partners, communicating results with the J. Berry sales, marketing, and operations team.

With more than 40 years of experience in the horticulture industry, Jesse’s experience with customer service, vendor relations, and sales will serve both J. Berry and its partners well.

 Previously the Customer Service and Vendor Relations Manager of Eason Horticultural Resources, Inc., Hensen’s extensive background with grower partners ensures that Hollywood Hibiscus will be well- represented among broker networks and growers. He will work to ensure best practices and share production protocol recommendations to help growers reduce costs while elevating the quality of the products.

 “I’m thrilled to join the J. Berry Nursery team,” says Hensen company’s outstanding genetics and commitment to grower support, along with my horticultural and service background, makes this position an interesting, exciting opportunity to serve as an intermediary between J. Berry and our growers. I’m especially excited to work with the Hollywood Hibiscus ‘stars,’ because they’re a beautiful line of products that consumers will relish adding to their gardens and containers this summer.”

“Our team is fortunate to have Jesse’s experience in the horticulture industry,” says co-owner and founder Jim Berry. “He’s well-known and well-respected in the industry, having worked in all areas, from growing to sales, marketing, and distribution. He’ll provide great support both to the company and to our partners.”