Mulhall’s raises sizable donation for Keep Omaha Beautiful
Photos courtesy of Mulhall's

Mulhall’s raises sizable donation for Keep Omaha Beautiful

By creating a local Christmas Market featuring artists and shops, the garden center thanked community members who attended and helped them raise more than $6,000 toward the environmental nonprofit.


Mulhall’s recently shared that it helped raise more than $6,000 for its local nonprofit, Keep Omaha Beautiful. In an email disseminated on Dec. 3, the company thanked loyal patrons and community members for showing up to its Christmas Market and helping the IGC make the event such a success.

Read the full announcement below:

“Together we raised over $6,000 to benefit Keep Omaha Beautiful and their efforts to make our city an even healthier and more beautiful place to live and work every day — planting trees, revitalizing vacant lots, and engaging our community in environmental stewardship.”

And this year, we evolved what was previously known as our Holiday Gala into a truly local shopping experience, the Christmas Market — inviting eleven local makers, artists, and shops to join the evening. We're grateful for all who came and supported our friends who make the Omaha area the place it is.

Thank you again for being a part of our Christmas Market and supporting the important work taking place at Keep Omaha Beautiful!”

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