Must-read hiring tips for garden centers

Must-read hiring tips for garden centers

Our 2018 Spring Survival Guide provides ideas for finding, recruiting, training and retaining quality staff, plus ideas for new sources of talent.

March 8, 2018
Conner Howard

Independent garden centers cite hiring as one of their greatest challenges throughout the year, but it can be particularly difficult to find and retain employees during the spring season, when IGCs need extra help. Don't miss out on Garden Center magazine's 2018 Spring Survival Guide, a comprehensive look at recruiting, training and retaining employees and other staffing tips. These articles cover a broad range of topics, from overlooked sources of talent to ways to set up your employees for success.

You can browse the Spring Survival Guide online and through the links below:

Pictured above: Education Director Scott Koepke operates a training program at a prison in Iowa. Inmates are taught all aspects of annual flower and vegetable production, from preparing soil and sowing seeds to to fertilizing and watering seeds. He says if garden centers considered people with prior convictions, they would find dedicated employees determined to prove themselves. Photo by Rebecca Miller.