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New styles for every changing season

June 6, 2022

My Word! has become one of the fastest growing home décor brands around with their line of weatherproof, decorative signs. It all started with Porch Boards™ — at nearly 4 feet tall, they’re designed to hang or stand on a porch, in an entryway or anywhere a welcoming, decorative touch is needed — and they are completely weatherproof! The signs are decorated with gnomes, cardinals, sunflowers, pumpkins and many more designs. “We have something for every season and every reason” says Jen Heamer, National Sales Manager at My Word! Due to their incredible popularity with consumers, the company now offers over 400 different styles. “We’re constantly adding new designs. Our retailers bring in new styles each season, so consumers can update their décor regularly.”

This year the company added more weatherproof décor, including Plant Pokes, Hang Up Signs™ and Hang Out Signs™. These join the successful Stand Out Signs™ to create an entire suite of weatherproof outdoor décor sizes. Plant Pokes have been especially hot, with the surge in container gardening over the last few years. They are designed to be staked into soil and they turn any plant into a gift! They feature galvanized stakes and add a decorative touch to any hanging basket, window box or garden. Since their debut in January, new styles have been added for a total of over 100 styles! The Hang Up Signs™ and the Hang Out Signs™ have also proven to be sales winners with more than 100 designs offered between them.

What sets this creative company’s products apart though, is domestic production. “We’ve been manufacturing in the USA for many years and we’re very proud of our team” says Sean Quinn, the company’s CEO. “We provide the stock retailers need, when they need it — and we have no worries about containers or port delays. We are manufacturing day and night, right here in Massachusetts.”

In addition to the outdoor décor line, My Word! makes other types of signs for various occasions and holidays, including the multi-million selling Skinnies®, 16-inch-long signs featuring funny phrases and quotes. The company also supplies free displays for its products and in 2022 continued its free shipping on all orders over $250. According to Sean, “We know retailers love free freight and so we took the leap and made that our policy again for 2022. It’s been amazing — and it’s a great perk for our customers!”

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