National Garden Bureau releases promotional materials for 'Year of the' crops

National Garden Bureau releases promotional materials for 'Year of the' crops

Beets, calibrachoas, tulips and coreopsis will be highlighted throughout next year.

December 18, 2017
Press Release

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS – Inspire consumer interest with the “Year of the” program from the National Garden Bureau! The “Year of the” promotion is ready to help growers, garden retailers (both on-line and brick-and-mortar) and garden communicators encourage consumers to discover and embrace four exciting crops per year. Promotional materials for the four 2018 “Year of the” crops are available now. Resources are available at

Each year the National Garden Bureau (NGB), the non-profit organization that promotes gardening on behalf of the horticulture industry and its members, promotes the use of selected crops for its “Year of the” program. For 2018, those crops include:
• Annuals: Year of the Calibrachoa
- A relative newcomer but comes in many beautiful colors and designs. 
• Vegetables/edibles: Year of the Beet
- Tasty, easy-to-prepare, healthy and can grow anywhere!
• Perennials: Year of the Coreopsis
- Cheery, delightful native plants to brighten any garden.
• Bulbs: Year of the Tulip
- Beautiful in the vase or in the garden!

The National Garden Bureau Board of Directors selects crops which consumers can grow successfully. Each “Year of the” crop is easy to grow, genetically diverse and includes lots of new varieties—all traits that will help consumers and their gardens flourish.