North Haven Gardens to rebuild after devastating tornado
North Haven Gardens was severely damaged by a tornado Sunday night.

North Haven Gardens to rebuild after devastating tornado

The 68-year-old Dallas garden center is asking for input on how to come back better than ever.

October 22, 2019

Sunday night, a North Texas tornado all but leveled North Haven Gardens in Dallas.The garden center remains closed as management assesses the damage and makes plans to rebuild.

General Manager Cody Hoya released this statement on the garden center's website:

"In spite of the severe damage we suffered during the recent North Texas tornado, North Haven Gardens has been in this location since 1951 — almost 69 years.

We’ve rebuilt from adversity before, and this time will be no different.

We look forward to welcoming our many friends and patrons back soon for an ever better experience.

While we’re rebuilding, please visit us on Facebook — tell us what you love about North Haven Gardens and what you would like to see improved during our renovation.

Thanks for being part of our family for so many years."