3 ways Mother’s Day gift shopping has evolved

3 ways Mother’s Day gift shopping has evolved

The NRF reports that spending on flowers has grown by a third over the past 10 years.


From the National Retail Federation:

Mother’s Day is almost here and 84% of consumers are already planning gift purchases for their moms. Spending on this holiday has grown consistently over the past decade and those celebrating are expected to spend more than ever this year — an estimated $25 billion.

A shift in gift spending

Total Mother’s Day gift spending is expected to reach a record amount this year and those celebrating are planning to purchase a variety of gifts. The traditional flowers and cards are still popular choices, but more unconventional options have also been emerging over the past decade. The number of people planning to gift a personal service (like a much-deserved massage) has grown from 16% 10 years ago to about 25% today, and spending on these gifts has nearly doubled. Other categories of gifts such as consumer electronics and gift cards have likewise risen in popularity.

While these gift categories continue to grow, they’re doing so alongside more classic Mother’s Day gifts, rather than replacing them. Spending on flowers, for example, has grown by a third over the last 10 years and spending on Mother’s Day jewelry has increased from $2.3 billion in 2009 to more than $5 billion today.

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