Orchids to dye for

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This spring, Gertens Greenhouse is showing off its stunning display of Water Color Orchids from Just Add Ice Orchids.

March 11, 2021

Gertens Greenhouse in Minnesota is sharing the beauty of Watercolor Orchids, a patented process created by Just Add Ice Orchids. Gertens expert Teri Knight shares some of the details behind these showstopping plants here.
A safe, floral-grade dye is injected into a small hole in the stem of the plant, and once the process is complete, the hole is covered with wax.
Blooms begin to change color within 24 hours, Knight says. All of the orchids pictured are specifically from the Phalaenopsis genus.
Once the dyed blossoms are finished blooming, the new flowers come back as the color of the original orchid, which are white. Their specific process doesn’t harm the plant, she says.
Color variations vary with each flower on each plant, Knight says. The blooms last for weeks, and even months, in some cases. Knight adds that Watercolor Orchids complement any décor with varied shades of green, blue, orange, purple and pink.
The orchids come in 5-inch pots and are priced at $39.99. They require watering about once a week and must be placed in bright, indirect light.