OrderEase announces new partnership

OrderEase announces new partnership

The partnership targets wholesale ordering for Garden Works’ and Star Kitchen & Home customers through OrderEase’s e-commerce platform.


OrderEase has announced a new relationship with Garden Works and Star Kitchen & Home. Known for providing gardening and home-related products, such as gloves, totes and tools, Garden Works reached out to OrderEase (formerly LinkGreen) for assistance to better connect wholesale customers with its products and expedite the ordering process.

The partnership targets easier wholesale ordering for Garden Works’ and Star Kitchen & Home customers through OrderEase’s technology platform, connecting the sales process to back-end systems, and providing customer support.

OrderEase’s platform allows Garden Works’ and Star Kitchen & Home’s sales representatives to spend more time servicing customers, rather than pushing paper. With customers such as independent garden centers and kitchen and retail gift shops, OrderEase’s technology allows Garden Works to streamline the ordering process, reducing the amount of time typically incurred to place orders. Additionally, sales representatives now spend more time providing services to their clients.

Along with ease of ordering, partnering with OrderEase allows Garden Works’ customers to better track and stock inventory. With a scan of a product on a shelf, a retailer can reorder the product without paperwork and logistics. The system provides quick access to a customer’s sales and order history, allowing the sales rep to notify the customer when inventory is low, avoiding out of stock products. Additionally, sales reps efficiently write and submit orders through the OrderEase app — creating a paperless on-the-road office.

Typically, business-to-business retail transactions are captured manually via phone, fax, or email, which can result in inaccurate orders, excessive returns and credits, high order costs and delays. OrderEase’s centralized order hub and app for sales reps and customers streamlines the order process, reducing time spent creating orders and improving order accuracy.

With an online catalog, Garden Works customers can browse products and even place their own orders, although sales staff will continue to provide ordering support. The online catalog allows sales personnel the ability to see when a customer or potential customer enters the site. This allows them to engage with the customer to answer questions or provide real-time insight into the products.