Preserving precious resources

Products that help capture would-be runoff and keep plants hydrated with less water.


Easy-Fill Garden Watering Stakes

Plant Nanny Company, Inc.

With these terracotta watering stakes, recycled 2 liter bottles convert into water reservoirs by cutting off the base and attaching the neck to the stake. This allows for the reservoir to easily be re-filled with a hose or watering can. Water releases slowly through the stake and is absorbed by the plant’s root system. This process promotes optimum growth and encourages more bountiful harvests, making it a perfect watering solution for vegetable and container gardens.



The HC Companies

Planters’ Pride, a division of the HC Companies Inc., has released “GreenWell,” a well that helps direct water deep into the roots of trees to reduce watering time and usage. This new product is made from recycled plastic polypropylene, and its patented zip joint helps ease installation and reuse. The GreenWell has the capacity to hold seven gallons of water, and it is generally put around newly planted trees, although it can also be used for roses, herbs, bulbs, shrubs or tomatoes. In addition to saving water, the GreenWell also works on sloping uneven ground and acts as an edging, which prevents fertilizer and/or mulch from being scattered. With no runoff or evaporation, the GreenWell can help reduce water waste by up to 25 percent. The GreenWell is UV treated and comes in either black or green, and is available for purchase in North America.


Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver

Good Ideas Inc.

The 50-gallon, colonial-style Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver features a full one-cubic-foot, self-draining top for planting and two brass spigots that allow for hose hookup, using every drop of water. A meshed screen blocks debris from entering the water supply. The top compartment acts as a planter space and also self-drains when excess water is present. The strong, regal lines and flat back design make the Savannah ideal for placing next to the home, patio or along pathways. The Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver is constructed of thick, durable polyethylene with an exterior appearance of a classic colonial planter box. The Savannah measures 31.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 24.25 inches, weighs 25 pounds, is available in gray and is made in the USA.

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