Proven Winners launches Coral Creations succulents line

Proven Winners launches Coral Creations succulents line

The new line of Chris Hansen-developed succulents is designed with grower and consumer success in mind.

Proven Winners announces the debut of its new Coral Creations succulents line, developed and trialed for grower success, striking colors and long-lasting performance for consumers.

Proven Winners has partnered exclusively with succulent grower and collector Chris Hansen of Garden Solutions, who developed the Chick Charms Sempervivum and SunSparkler sedum brands. The new Proven Winners Coral Creations program will launch with over thirty cultivars that were carefully selected for their fast finish times, compatibility in recipes, and striking colors. Additionally, five essential succulent recipes, including a National Succulent Recipe of the Year, have been designed by Hansen to help growers, retailers and consumers focus on exceptional beauty and performance.

Proven Winners studied the trending succulent market and felt that a fresh approach was needed to untap the potential of this class of plants. Too often, growers and retailers struggle by selling dull-colored varieties that quickly grow unruly. Choosing varieties that maintain eye-catching color all season and grow vigorously while maintaining their compatibility in containers is a key to the success of the Proven Winners Coral Creations program.

Marshall Dirks, director of marketing for Proven Winners, says he is excited to embark on this venture with Hansen.

“Chris’ visionary talents are focused on building the complete Proven Winners Coral Creations program," Dirks says. "All the evidence points to the fact that consumers are still longing for succulents for many reasons – decorating indoors, low maintenance, the ‘cool’ factor and mimicking Pinterest. We felt there was an opportunity to offer superior selections with incredible colors and recipes that were more refined than those currently being sold.

“Compatibility is essential to the success of succulent recipes,” Dirks adds. “Anyone can put plants together, but how will they look a month later? How about 6-9 months later? We have done extensive trialing to assure that not only growers and retailers will have saleable recipes, but that consumers will get 6-9 months of beauty and enjoyment out of them without having to worry about them becoming overgrown.”

The majority of Proven Winners Coral Creations varieties have been specially selected by Hansen for improved characteristics like increased disease resistance, brighter coloration, and stronger vigor or habit. Many have never been available in commercial quantities in North America until now.

Proven Winners recommends that growers produce Coral Creations recipes in February through August when days are longer and light levels are naturally higher. During the spring growing cycle, they finish in eight to nine weeks in northern climates and even faster in southern zones. This timing has been confirmed through five years of trialing. 

Coral Creations Succulents will be available to growers in the U.S. through Four Star Greenhouse, Pleasant View Gardens and Garden Solutions, and in Canada through Nordic Nurseries and Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses beginning July 2018.