Retail outlook for 2019 positive
Photo by Stephanie Antal

Retail outlook for 2019 positive

Despite headlines highlighting retailers closing, the industry is actually thriving, according to Retail Customer Experience.


From Retail Customer Experience:

In 2018, several major retailers, including Toys R' Us, Mattress Firm, Nine West, Claire's and Sears filed for bankruptcy. Every other day we're seeing headlines about the end of retail as we know it, or how Millennials have killed yet another beloved retailer.

The news is chock-full of articles about iconic retailers like, Macy's, Foot Locker and Rite Aid (to name a few), closing stores. This ongoing chatter of the retail apocalypse has the industry terrified.
But, contrary to click-inducing headlines, the industry is actually growing, not shrinking. Read the full story on Retail Customer Experience.