Retail Product Roundup


Check out the latest merchandise to hit the market.

December 9, 2021

Photos courtesy of respective companies


The Flowerpot Stand

Iron Garden Products

Beautify and accent your customers’ lawn, garden and patio areas with The Flowerpot Stand. Personalized interchangeable silhouettes can be changed out from season to season. Features outdoor wildlife, domestic pets, religion, holiday, sports and farm living theme collections. Inventory available now.


Hexagon Planters

O Yeah! Gifts

Happy little pots are perfect for your hive. Honeycomb shaped hexagon planters are handmade in the USA from eco-friendly, sustainable stone. Soft, fresh colors brighten up any space. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as unglazed cement naturally draws out excess moisture from potted plants. Lighten up, pop some candles in your pots to create a graceful glow, or let the artist inside you shine, all pots can be personalized with a little paint.


Porch Boards™

Pleasant Street Designs

Porch Boards™ from My Word!® are 100% waterproof! They’re the hot home accessory consumers want! My Word!® offers 250+ Porch Board™ designs in seasonal and everyday styles! Best of all, they are made in the USA!


Round Pottery

O Yeah! Gifts

We are little plant pots, short and stout! Sweet, simple, handmade cement planters are made in the USA from eco-friendly sustainable sources. The stone pottery naturally wicks away excess moisture creating a breathable environment for plants to thrive. Functional minimalist style accents any decor and comes in a variety of warm and cool colors. Feeling extra artsy? Dial up the fun by adding a personal touch; all pots are paintable.


Stand-Out Signs™

Pleasant Street Designs

Stand-Out Signs™ from My Word!® are weatherproof outdoor décor! Carded for hanging, these fun and attractive signs are a great way to decorate a planting bed, walkway, planter box or anywhere the zinc plated stakes can be staked into the ground! Made in the USA and shipping fast, they offer FREE FREIGHT for all products in 2021!


Urban Raised Bed

Smart Pots

Easy upsell with the new Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed Garden. This raised bed comes PVC ready and supports 1-inch PVC piping and fitting (PVC not included). The Urban Raised Bed is rigid and designed to grow more abundant vegetables, flowers, plants and herbs in any garden area. Available in two sizes: 2 feet by 4 feet and 4 feet by 4 feet, the Urban Raised Bed is easy to assemble and is durable so it can be used year after year.