Rockledge Gardens welcomes new owners
Rockledge Gardens' new owners Brendan Hayes-Morrison, left, Devon Klingman
Photo courtesy of Rockledge Gardens

Rockledge Gardens welcomes new owners

The Florida garden center will continue to focus on community, beauty and education.

June 23, 2022

Rockledge Gardens has announced that the company is changing hands. Longtime owners Theresa and Kevin Riley have sold the Florida garden center to new owners Devon Klingman and Brendan Hayes-Morrison.

"They are young, energetic, enthusiastic and so, so excited! They love everything about Rockledge Gardens and our local community. They are eager to carry on the legacy as well as to make Rockledge Gardens their own,” outgoing owners Theresa and Kevin wrote in a newsletter last week. "They have embraced our staff and will keep them on and plan to change very little. They share our values of community, beauty, and education and will continue to focus on those values as they move forward. They are happy, grounded, beautiful people."

The garden center hosted a meet-and-greet with the new owners on June 22, and will host another June 26 to celebrate the transition with Kevin and Theresa Riley.

"We made it our intention to find competent, compassionate, community-oriented buyers who would embrace our incredible team and amazing customers," Managing Director Liz Lark-Riley told Garden Center magazine. "Brendan and Devon check all those boxes and then some. Our team loves them already and we know they will quickly find their way into the hearts of our entire community here at Rockledge Gardens."

To learn more about Rockledge Gardens, come see Managing Director Liz Lark-Riley at the Garden Center Conference & Expo Aug. 1-3 in Orlando, Florida. Or, read her cover story from our November 2020 issue here.