SBM finalizes acquisition of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced

SBM finalizes acquisition of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced

The businesses will be grouped together in a new unit called SBM Life Science.

October 5, 2016

Ecully, France (October 5, 2016) – SBM has finalized the acquisition, announced last January, of the consumer segment of Bayer’s Environmental Science business unit. The Consumer segment encompasses Bayer Garden in Europe and Bayer Advanced in North America. These businesses will be grouped together with Novajardin’s consumer brands (Solabiol, Capiscol, Caussade and ANTI) in a new business unit named “SBM Life Science”.

The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

SBM Life Science, whose headquarters are based in Ecully in the Rhone-Alps region of France, aims to become a leading worldwide provider of plant protection and home and garden care products (with solutions respectful of people and the environment). To that end, it will rely on a portfolio of innovative products meeting consumer expectations and a strong presence in the main European countries and the United States.

Building on its experience developing organic plant protection solutions, soils and fertilizers, SBM will fill out its offer with Bayer Garden products to provide the market with a range of products for professionals and consumers.

In addition to strengthening its presence in Europe, the acquisition will also allow SBM to make a strategic entry into the North American market and take advantage of Bayer R&D projects currently underway.

“For SBM, the acquisition of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced represents a decisive strategic advance,” says Jean-Paul Simmler, chairman of SBM. “We are committed to growing this new business over the long-term, with the support of our 500 employees, by providing consumers in Europe and North America with an innovative range of solutions leveraging the synergistic strengths of both Bayer and SBM.”

“The combined strengths of SBM and Bayer Garden will offer us an opportunity to develop a global leadership position in plant protection and home and garden care products”, says Alexandre Simmler, CEO of SBM Life Science. “More than ever, our aim is to find eco-friendly solutions, which are both effective and protective of nature, in response to rising consumer expectations and long-term environmental challenges”.