Schoneveld will not attend CAST 2020

Schoneveld will not attend CAST 2020

The Dutch breeder’s announcement cites ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus and the health of its employees.


In a statement disseminated mid-morning Thursday, Dutch breeder Schoneveld announced it will not attend CAST 2020 due to the ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus. The statement comes a day after President Trump issued a 30-day travel ban period from Europe. Schoneveld was scheduled to trial at the Green Fuse Botanicals stop in Santa Paula, California. As of March 12, Green Fuse Botanicals has not pulled out of the event.

Schoneveld’s statement reads as follows:

“We value the health of you, your employees and our colleagues above anything else. Because of recent events concerning COVID-19 we have decided to cancel the California Spring Trials for 2020.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we feel it is the best interest of everyone to limit exposure to this new disease. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause our customers or the organization of this annual event.”

If you have any questions about Schoneveld or our products, you can always contact our Area Manager for North America: Ms Kathy McKay.

If you are interested in photography of our products, product photos or lifestyle photos for example, you can also contact our marketing department directly:”

Their departure from CAST 2020 joins a growing number of breeders — such as Beekenkamp, Syngenta Flowers, Sakata Seed America and more — to withdraw from the event due to COVID-19 concerns. The latest information on CAST is available here.