Seeds: Leader of the packet

If variety is the spice of life, then Calloway’s Nursery buyers are very pleased with the assortment of seed packets they’ve purchased from Botanical Interests over the years.

Calloway’s offers nearly 500 varieties from the company, a selection that includes organic, non-GMO seeds and an array of herb and vegetable categories.

“We have blends for wildflowers and can buy region-specific seeds that grow in our area,” says Rebecca Weller, a buyer with Calloway’s. “That takes away the headache of mixing and matching ourselves.”

The garden center has been selling Botanical Interests’ traditional and organic products since 2010. Accommodation is key to this relationship, as Weller is able to pick up individual seed types when necessary.

“We can get different seeds as we need to replenish them, rather than buying a whole new set of seeding panels,” Weller says. “This is fantastic, because we can have popular items back in stock within a few days.”

Calloway’s seed packets move quickly, in part because the company’s unique packaging is a magnet for customers.

“The package is very artful and fits in with the higher-end line of the store,” Weller says. “There’s been a huge response for the product because of the branding.”

The seeds inside the pretty packaging are also a good value for the money. The store has experienced strong sales in organic cilantro and basil, with naturally grown catnip and cat grass standing as additional big sellers.

“We sell lots of blue bonnets, too, although those aren’t organic,” says Weller, who uses the product in her own home garden. “People speak with their wallets and have given us a huge increase in seed sales.”

Botanical Interests’ seed packets are not available in big-box stores, another distinction that Calloway’s patrons appreciate. From a buyer’s perspective, Weller is grateful for smooth seasonal change-outs and assistance with selecting new seeds from a friendly customer service representative.

“The company is easy to work with and always makes sure the work I have to do is minimal,” Weller says.

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