Spring Trials Supplement - California Spring Trials Preview

March 27, 2017

Featuring: Hem Genetics, Thompson & Morgan, ABZ Seeds, Plant Source International, Vista Farms and Lambert Soil

New Varieties:

Dianthus Supra Pink

Dianthus Supra Pink is a new color addition to the Supra series of Dianthus from Hem Genetics. It is an interspecific hybrid including a perennial species that imparts excellent heat and cold tolerances and is hardy to USDA Zone 4B. Supra Pink is a 2017 AAS award winner for its nationwide performance.

Grandiflora Petunia Limbo *GP* Rose Picotee

Hem Genetics will introduce a breakthrough with Grandiflora Petunia Limbo *GP* Picotees – Red Picotee, Rose Picotee and Burgundy Picotee for 2017-18. More colors are coming in 2018. A series benefit is that there is no need for PGRs to keep the plants compact.

Tomato Sweet Valentines

Tomato Sweet Valentines is a new dwarf determinate tomato for patio garden use from Hem Genetics. Sweet Valentines produces large quantities of heart-shaped sweet-tasting cherry tomatoes on cascading plants. They are ideal for hanging baskets and patio containers.