American Takii

2019 California Spring Trials - 2019 California Spring Trials: Northern Trials

Featuring: HilverdaKooij, OHP

March 21, 2019

New Varieties:

Begonia semperflorens Fiona Series includes Red and Rose (pictured). The series features outstanding performance not only in gardens or landscapes, but also in containers. This semi-double type presents strong, upright blooming flowers. Plants are self-cleaning and provide continuous color throughout the summer until the first frost.

Fiona Red is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner for 2019.

Digitalis Pink Panther is first-year flowering and does not require vernalization. Daylength neutral, winter hardy (biennial), plants are heavily branching and produce large pink flowers on compact spikes.

Petunia Trilogy Lime is a unique color in this class of Petunia. Flowers have a delicate and refreshing light green hue and are produced in abundance on tidy, mounding plants. The Trilogy series is available in 10 colors and two mixes.

Petunia Trilogy Purple Vein is early-flowering and has stunning, rich, dimensional color. The Trilogy series is a super floriferous, mounding type Petunia with benefits for growers, retailers and consumers. The series is available in 10 colors and two mixes.

Zinnia Preciosa is a new series with more — plants are more compact and more branching while flowers are more double than Zinnia Dreamland. Available in Light Yellow, Yellow, Pink, Rose, Scarlet, White and Red, as well as two mixes.