2019 California Spring Trials - 2019 California Spring Trials: Northern Trials

Featuring: Varinova

March 21, 2019

New Varieties:


Share your love with AMORE Petunias! Each bloom of this stable, uniform series features five elegant heart shapes. Joining the series for 2020 is AMORE King of Hearts. King of Hearts flowers early with large, regal red and white blossoms. It features a compact, mounded habit and is recommended for quarts, baskets and combos.Amore™

Danziger makes choosing the right size calibrachoa even easier. Each series fills a specific market need. With the LIA calibrachoa series, your baskets and combos will be bursting with noticeably bigger blooms. LIA’s larger flowers truly capture consumer attention at retail. LIA Dark Red (pictured) is a 2020 standout with clear, deep-red blooms. This early flowering series shows good vigor, making it perfect for baskets and combos.

James Brittenia Goldstar might just be the little black dress of combos. The sunny, bright-yellow blooms go with everything! Its trailing habit makes it the perfect addition to baskets, combos and window boxes. This variety has enhanced resistance to foliage disease. It’s also day-neutral and extremely heat tolerant.

Create mounds of striking, heat-tolerant color with the Portulaca PAZZAZ series. This early-blooming, moderate trailing series fills gallons, baskets and large containers with amazing color. PAZZAZ Apricot (pictured) has a luminous orange-apricot flower with a unique ring pattern in the center of the bloom.


Contiga is the standard cyclamen among the large flowering series. The whole series has a compact shape with firm flower stems and a uniform green-colored leaf type. Contiga is remarkable for its good flower quality and large flowers. Contiga is suited for pot sizes 4-6” and available in 13 colors, among which four (pictured) are Flamed colors.

Magnia is our robust large flowering cyclamen series with solid flower stems and a uniform green-colored leave type. Because of its robust uniform growth and abundant flowering, Magnia has high decorative value with possibility for use as a plant for large containers or flower boxes on the terrace. Magnia is suited for larger pot sizes of 6-8” and available in nine colors.

Our new intermediate cyclamen Merita series develops many flowers. The series has a compact shape with firm flower stems and a fine marbled leaf type. Because of its uniform and compact growth, Merita is easy to cultivate and to sell. Merita is suited for a 4” pot size and includes Flamed and Shine (pictured) colors.