An unexpected succession planning solution

An unexpected succession planning solution

In the August issue, read about how one independent garden center found enthusiastic new owners, and discover new strategies for making your business more attractive to outside buyers.

August 23, 2018
Conner Howard

Don't miss out on Garden Center's August issue, which can be read online and as a digital edition.

This issue tells the story of Harb's Oasis, a retailer and pondscaping specialty store in Baton Rouge. When original owners Charbel and Ruth Harb decided to retire, with no children interested in taking over the family business, they embarked on the challenging process of finding an outside buyer. After turning down several unqualified prospects, the Harbs eventually entered into a transaction agreement with Jerry and Lindsey All, frequent customers of the store who were interested in becoming owners.

The story of Harb's Oasis demonstrates that capable garden center owners can be found outside the family. Management consultant and Garden Center Group service provider John Kennedy also offers insights into what makes a business attractive to outside buyers, as well as advice for other owners looking to sell.

Also in this issue, we compiled the biggest retail takeaways from Cultivate'18, gathered tips for how to take your seed and bulb programs to the next level, examined new research into edible flower trends, shared examples of outstanding signage, explored the concept of "nano gardening" and much more.

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Photo courtesy of Harb's Oasis. From left; Jerry and Lindsey All, owners of Harb's Oasis, with former owners Ruth and Charbel Harb.