Syngenta Flowers to exclusively sell and market HI Breeding Hydrangea in the U.S. and Canada
HI Hydrangea Fire (left) and HI Hydrangea Mountain (right)
Image courtesy of Syngenta Flowers

Syngenta Flowers to exclusively sell and market HI Breeding Hydrangea in the U.S. and Canada

Syngenta aims to expand its North American presence in the potted indoor floral segment.


GILROY, Calif. — On. Jan. 23, Syngenta Flowers, LLC, and HI Breeding BV announced a new agreement, where Syngenta Flowers will exclusively market and sell HI Breeding Hydrangea varieties in the United States and Canada. 

Syngenta Flowers is integrating HI Breeding’s long history and experience in hydrangea breeding and production to further strengthen the Syngenta Flowers portfolio.

“HI Breeding is a world-class hydrangea producer with a focus on breeding hydrangeas with the growers’ needs in mind. This is aligned with Syngenta Flower’s strategy of offering an innovative portfolio of genetics to the North American market,” said Scott Valentine, head of Syngenta Flowers in North America. “We are excited to enter this new crop segment with the support of such a well-regarded breeder and collaborator in HI Breeding.” 

Syngenta Flowers will produce HI Breeding hydrangea unrooted cuttings at their Alva, Florida farm, where they can leverage years of high-quality domestic unrooted cutting production knowledge and an ideal climate for unrooted cutting production. They will primarily focus on servicing dormant hydrangea producers with unrooted cuttings sold through their established broker network.

HI Breeding Hydrangea will be available from Syngenta Flowers as unrooted cuttings in the spring of 2020 and from select dormant plant producers in 2021. 

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