Garden centers from around the world to 'gather' for international meeting in Paris

Garden centers from around the world to 'gather' for international meeting in Paris

Businesses from a dozen countries will attend The Gathering in January, which is being organized by John Stanley.

December 21, 2016

Retail consultant John Stanley of John Stanley Associates has organized an international meeting of top garden centers from around the world called "The Gathering." Thirteen businesses from 12 countries have signed up for the event that will take place in Paris, France, Jan. 22-24, 2017. The goal of the meeting is to "develop shared strategic marketing plans and ideas moving forward," Stanley says.

He invited one garden center each from 20 countries, and each business can bring up to two people. He also invited two IGCs from Australia, two from Canada and four from the U.S. to the meeting, accounting for the market size and geography of the latter three countries.

"The Gathering" will include round-table discussions of what Stanley says are "hot topics" at the moment, including urban agriculture, communicating with Millennials and make-and-take workshops.

An edited excerpt from his email is below:

Over the past few years, several leading garden center owners around the world have mentioned they would be interested in attending a "Gathering" of leading garden centers from around the globe to explore new initiatives to grow their business. The idea being that one garden center from each country would be invited to “The Gathering.”

With a rapidly changing world and new opportunities and challenges facing independent garden centers, I feel now is the time to launch this idea.

The plan is to hold the first “Gathering” at the Hilton Hotel, Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France. Sessions will be held in English. The objective is that I would lead the sessions, but it would be a sharing of ideas and looking at opportunities. All members who attend would be expected to participate in “The Gathering” and share ideas.
For more information, visit John Stanley's website.