The shape of holidays to come

A décor specialist shares her perspective on popular styles of holiday-themed décor in 2018.

The winter holiday season may be behind us, but it’s never too early to look ahead and consider what consumers will be shopping for when the 2018 holidays roll around. Beth Lorentz, vice president of product development for décor supplier Midwest-CBK, weighed in on what they expect to be the most popular styles of holiday giftware this year.

Trend: Farmhouse

“Clean, simple farmhouse style meets Christmas. Black and white with hints of red, products that blend a focused color palette, animal imagery and classic plaids in a contemporary spin on country will resonate with consumers this year.” — Beth Lorentz


Trend: Plaid

“Inspired by fashions on the runway, plaids are the supporting player throughout Christmas décor. From straight-up reds to patterns mixed with greens, yellows and blacks, this classic look is gracing pillows, throws, ornaments, reading glasses, gnomes and garlands.”— BL


Trend: Classic Vintage Christmas

“Traditional, old-world illustrative style and color palettes continue to be popular in the marketplace. Classic storytelling themes and vintage embellishments evoke elegance and artisan craftsmanship.” — BL


Trend: LED lights

“LED lights make a wide variety of formats glow, popping in up in everything from wall canvases, mini shimmers, trees, domes, holiday characters, snow globes, nightlights, swags, ornaments, vases and jars.” — BL


Trend: Scandinavian and Nordic

“From traditional wood craft to the clean, bright reds of Scandinavian classics, a clean European aesthetic continues to be strong in the marketplace.” — BL


Garden Center: What are some classic holiday-themed décor and giftware products that remain popular among garden retailers in 2018?

Beth Lorentz: Ornaments are perennial favorites, and lighted décor — everything from wall art to nightlights and ornaments — fly off the shelves every year.


GC: What are some product categories that complement classic holiday plants like the poinsettia?

BL: Poinsettias are very versatile in terms of style and color. Retailers can pair so many holiday designs with red or white poinsettias, taking a classic red and green approach, or a more contemporary look with black and white contrasted with red poinsettias, or a dramatic all-red color story. Smaller designs that can be tucked into classic holiday plants like poinsettias — for example, ornaments and mini lighted figures — also provide a creative way to display and sell holiday designs along with plants.


GC: Are you expecting any particular categories to be show-stealers at the trade events and product conferences this year?

BL: Tradition is always in style when it comes to holiday décor, so we anticipate collections that feature classic looks with a fresh twist will be best sellers. Lighted holiday décor will also rise to the top.

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