Tiptoe through the tulips

At Sloat Garden Center, spring is in full swing. Check out what's on display.

At Sloat Garden Center, spring is in full swing and the IGC is more than happy to usher in the crowds of eager gardeners ready to kick off the growing season. Founded in 1958, it now has 13 locations scattered throughout the Bay Area of California. Take a look at their red-hot tulips, ruffled anemones, vibrant dahlias and more to get you in that cheerful, springtime mindset!
Violet and crimson anemones
Pastel-purple asters
Pink dahlias
The Martinez location features an enticing display of pollinators.
Bougainvilleas in full bloom at the Kentfield location
Red tulips
The Kentfield location also has a wide range of pottery in stock.
Water-wise products
Spanish lavender
Houseplants are a popular pitstop at the Martinez location.
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