TPIE 2019: Creative displays, flora-forward fashion
Penang Nursery's booth included a "living portrait" and plants displayed like works of art.
Michelle Simakis

TPIE 2019: Creative displays, flora-forward fashion

Plants weren’t the only attraction at the Tropical Plant International Expo.


We’ve already shared some highlights from TPIE 2019, including takeaways from the opening keynote from Christine Boland and 20 plants and products that we spotted or received accolades on the show floor. The event, which took place Jan. 16-18 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., also featured creative displays. We couldn’t help but notice all of the wonderful floral patterns on attendees’ clothes, too, and many kindly agreed to have their photo taken. We also saw flowers and foliage well represented on pots and containers. Here are a few of our favorites:

Penang Nursery "living" portrait and art-inspired display


We were "frond" of Kingston White's blazer and shoes. 


Costa Farms' booth was one of the award-winning exhibits at TPIE 2019. 


Kaylee Cardenas from The Great Outdoors


More fronds found on this Arizona East planter.


Brian Brophy of Maria Gardens Greenhouse


LiveTrends Design booth featured new product lines and its top sellers. 


Floral patterns are back. This tabletop container is from LiveTrends.


Suzanne Brooks of Fort George Botanicals

United Nursery found creative inspiration from Whole Foods for its booth.


David Fell of Klasmann-Deilmann Americas


Bullis Bromeliads' rustic and tropical booth


Silver Vase's ethereal display


Honorary mention for Herman Dunnink of Global Horticultural Inc. and his tags and labels blazer.