Valentine's Day spending survey by

Valentine's Day spending survey by

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January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away! And while Cupid's birthday is meant to be a day of celebrating love and giving gifts, the day also comes with a lot of pressure. And with so many options out there, finding the “perfect” gift and activity is becoming an increasingly impossible task for consumers. surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers to determine the most popular Valentine's Day gifts and the spending patterns behind the rankings. Read on to see the top Valentine's Day Shopping and Spending trends:

Valentine’s Day Spending

The survey found that, compared to last year, consumers are spending about 2% less on Valentine’s Day in 2018. However, they are still shelling out upwards of $50 on gifts, dinner and other activities on February 14.

• Average spending 2018: $55
• Male spending: $63
• Female Spending: $46


On average, men will be spending $17 more than women this Valentine’s day. It was also discovered that engaged men and women will be spending more than their single, dating or married peers.

Valentine’s Day Shopping

Shopping for Valentine’s Day ahead of time can save a lot of stress. However, if you consider yourself a procrastinator, know you are not alone. The survey found that 32% of consumers wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to start shopping for gifts, with 9% even admitting to waiting until the day-of.

• First two weeks of January: 16% 
o Men: 17%
o Women: 15%

• Last two weeks of January: 17% 
o Men: 15%
o Women: 18%

• First week of February: 26% 
o Men: 25%
o Women: 27%

• The week of Valentine’s Day: 32% 
o Men: 34%
o Women: 30%

• The day of: 9% 
o Men: 9%
o Women: 10%

It was found that women are slightly more likely to procrastinate shopping for gifts than men this Valentine’s Day, with 10% of women and 9% of men putting off shopping until the day of.

Where to spend Valentine’s Day

The survey found that almost half of consumers will be spending the night at home, with only 8% stating they plan to have a night on the town.

• At home: 47%
• Dinner at a restaurant: 36%
• Night on the town: 8%
• At the movies: 5%
• Recreational activity (bowling, mini-golf): 4%


Favorite Valentine’s Day Flower
• Roses: 48%
• Tulips: 16%
• Daisies: 9%
• Orchids: 8%
• Lillies: 8%
• Sunflowers: 7%
• Carnations: 1%
• Other: 3%

Favorite Valentine’s Day Treat
• Chocolate Covered Strawberries: 34%
• Box of Chocolates: 29%
• Caramels: 14%
• Candy Bar: 7%
• Candy Hearts: 5%
• Cinnamon Hearts: 5%
• Other: 6%

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