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March 9, 2020

Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® ‘French Vanilla’ PPAF CPBRAF

A new color for the collection and a breakthrough for yellow Hardy Hibiscus. Soft yellow flower buds open to 7-8” creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers with a prominent red eye. Compared to the industry standard ‘Old Yella’, this Hibiscus retains its yellow color longer, has a more compact habit, red stems and deeper green, more attractive foliage, and a very prolific floral production. Zones 4-9.

Origanum ‘Drops of Jupiter’ PPAF CPBRAF

When planted in full sun, the leaves of ‘Drops of Jupiter’ are chartreuse yellow. Later in the summer, mauve pink flowers are held on purple calyxes. The calyxes hold after the flowers are spent and extend the attractiveness late into fall. Although it’s related to the oregano commonly used in cooking, this herb is meant to show off in the garden, similar to the ornamental onion Allium ‘Serendipity’. Its leaves are edible, but will not have as intense of a flavor as its cousins. Zones 4-9.

Phlox paniculata LUMINARY ‘Opalescence’ PPAF CPBRAF

The flagship variety of the LUMINARY™ Collection and the new gold standard of powdery mildew resistance. In an extensive mildew trial, this was the very best variety to display resistance. Light pink flowers have dark pink eyes and are produced over dark green leaves; the darkest green we’ve seen on a Phlox paniculata. Zones 3-8.

Pulmonaria ‘Spot On’ PPAF CPBRAF

Pulmonaria are the perfect choice to signal the end of winter. The flowers of ‘Spot On’ open a unique deep salmon pink (nearly orange) that matures to a rich blue color. Silver speckling dusts the green leaves. This is one of the first Pulmonaria to have near-orange flower buds. Zones 3-9.

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