Here’s what agritourism means for IGCs

Here’s what agritourism means for IGCs

Early adopters of the movement share their stories of success.

June 7, 2021

As the sun slowly rises in the early morning mist, a family of four begins their day: a hot mug of coffee, a steeped cup of tea, a few whipped-cream hot chocolates and the fresh air of excitement about their unfolding day ahead.

The farm family first visits the gated corral where two horses and a pony patiently stand with their nostrils exhaling the morning air … ready to greet the new young farmhands with a small whinny and snort of “good morning.”

The minimum wage for this work is not paid in dollars and cents…it’s earned with a sense of accomplishment and knowing you can say “job well done.”

Tenure at this job only lasts two days though, since the kids need to get back to Wi-Fi to continue their virtual schooling, and mom and dad are due back to their respective jobs — teacher and accountant.

That’s the Agritourism Life. And the farm stay industry, as one example, has never been better.

You may now be asking, “Why is there an article about agritourism in Garden Center magazine?”

The answer is that agritourism is the future of the garden center industry…and the future is now.

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