Proven Winners announces 2023 National Houseplant of the Year

Feeling Flirty purple tradescantia, from the new leafjoy houseplant collection, is the company's 2023 National Houseplant of the Year.

Feeling Flirty purple tradescantia is from the company's new leafjoy houseplant collection.
Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

In partnership with The Plant Company of Virginia, Proven Winners has announced its 2023 National Houseplant of the Year — Feeling Flirty purple tradescantia from its new leafjoy houseplant collection. Widespread consumer promotions will begin at the start of the new year through Proven Winners, whose brand impressions are expected to top 14 billion in 2023. The Plant Company is gearing up to have excellent supply of retail-ready Feeling Flirty plants for the new season.

"This plant is easy to grow, possesses an iconic style that's easily recognizable at a glance, and is easy to find locally," said Marshall Dirks, vice president of marketing for Proven Winners. "That makes Feeling Flirty an excellent choice for Houseplant of the Year.” It also gives homeowners a chance to bring their favorite bubblegum pink color from Proven Winners indoors in the form of a houseplant.

This eye-catching pink and green striped, trailing foliage plant is just the right size for adding a bright spot of color to homes and work spaces. Compared to other purple variegated tradescantias on the market, Feeling Flirty is a newly developed cultivar that exhibits a more attractive and compact habit as well as brighter coloration.

Proven Winners has partnered with popular houseplant influencer, Raffaele Di Lallo of Ohio Tropics on Instagram and author of Houseplant Warrior, to help spread the news about the National Houseplant of the Year. “Feeling Flirty is a wonderful selection because frankly, it just makes me happy by looking at it,” said Di Lallo. “I can’t resist the beautifully striped leaves and touches of pink throughout. Not to mention that it is pretty easy to grow if you can meet its humble, basic needs.”

Each year Proven Winners selects their very best annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and more for their National Plant of the Year award program. Candidates are judged stringently by growers, retailers and home gardeners. The winning plants must be proven to deliver an outstanding performance in containers and landscapes, where applicable, be easy to grow, possess iconic style, and have widespread availability.

Retailers that have already received shipments of Proven Winners new leafjoy houseplants have remarked on their exceptional quality and presentation right off the rack. Low minimums and fast, reliable shipping ensure garden centers can bring in exactly what they need when they need it. To reserve your share of the 2023 Houseplant of the Year — Feeling Flirty Tradescantia — contact The Plant Company at or 540.487.4043.

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