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With today's competitive and complex retail marketplace, it is important to have a retail solution that can support and simplify your business. Epicor simplifies your business by incorporating new technology, processes and best practices that can help you boost productivity and gain efficiencies while managing costs- helping you drive revenue and growth. Read the guide to discover the 7 ways modern technology can simplify your retail business. 

10 Questions to Reveal if the Cloud is Right for You [eBook] 

Cloud solutions help retailers do all the things traditional installed-at-your-business solutions let retailers do. The difference is you don't buy, install, or maintain the software - someone else does. Would that work for your organization? Would it be the better choice? Read the eBook to find out.

Epicor Retail Cloud: Lawn and Garden Overview [Video]

Epicor Retail Cloud—a business system that connects inventory, sales, pricing and more with a seamless view across store locations. With easy-to-read dashboards, you can control costs and track historical sales for more profitable purchasing decisions next season. We’re talking data-driven promotions that increase traffic. Blazing fast sales reports and fewer surprises. Plus, a set of instructional tools built to get all types of learners up-to-speed immediately. Oh, and ERC is cloud-based, so you can keep track of your business from anywhere. The best part? With all the time saved, you've got more to spend on the excellent service that keeps your customers coming back! 

Infographic: 7 Ways to Engage through Customer Loyalty

Winning garden store retailers know they must create an engaging strategy to entice customers to shop at their stores. They must provide the knowledge, tools, and products shoppers want at the right time and price. Tapping into buyer behaviors and creating a great customer experience can help earn retailers customer loyalty and profits. Here are some tip to create customer loyalty and outservice the competition.

eBook: Customer Engagement in Retail- 6 Opportunities to Outservice your Competition

Engaging your customers at every point of the customer journey, in their preferred manner, will create loyal customers who will continue to give their business to you and you'll be able to outservice the competition. Read the guide and explore a few areas where you have an opportunity to provide an exception customer experience. 

Infographic: 6 Ways to Engage and Connect with your Customers

To compete in today's competitive market, retailers like you need to connect and engage with customers the way they want and expect. We've put together these six strategies can help you make those connections for a better customer experience.  

8 Things to Monitor Daily to Maintain Accurate Inventory [infographic]

Having effective inventory management is one of the most important things retailers can do to ensure a strong bottom line. Your retail business management software should make it easier on your by keeping track of all transactions that affect your inventory. Here are a few things you should monitor daily. 

eBook: How to Optimize Your Margins and Maximize Profits 

Between the big box stores and online retailers, a price war is raging on. That's how they plan to win sales and grow. But if you're an independent retailer, you can't match prices and expect to see growth. Not with significantly lower volumes and incrementally higher operating costs. You can, however, offer value the other channels can't. Download the eBook to learn how you can set yourself up for more profitability and growth. 


Infographic: 6 Numbers to Nurture for Business Growth

Best-in-class retailers can combine powerful analytics with industry best practices to gain real-time insights into the health of their business and make fast, informed decisions-anytime, anywhere. Those leading the competition know they can use their POS or retail management to track key metrics to improve decision-making, employee efficiency, customer engagement, revenues, and profits. Here are the 6 numbers retailers should nurture for business growth.


Optimize Your Inventory and Grow Your Retail Business [eBook]

Most retailers have a lot on their plates. With so much to do on a daily basis, it's easy to see how something like properly managing your inventory can get pushed to the back burner. We offer retailers solutions to help them through every step of the retail process-including inventory management. These systems are designed to help you reduce hidden inventory costs and ensure the right items are always on the shelves-keeping your customers happy and coming back for more. We've put together the following guide to help you begin optimizing your inventory investment. 


eBook: Engage and Grow Customer Loyalty

A great customer engagement strategy is key to closing a sale and building customer loyalty, and the first step is to understand your customers’ buying habits. Learn how you can build customer confidence, think like your customers and create the best experience at your store.

Infographic: 7 ways to Engage Customers and Earn their Loyalty

Winning retailers create an engaging strategy to entice customers by providing the knowledge, tools and products shoppers want at the right time and price. Try these 7 ways to create customer loyalty and out-service the competition.

Infographic: 7 Retail Best Practices for a Successful Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a great way to keep customers coming back, but is yours doing enough? Implement these 7 retail best practices to strengthen your loyalty program and differentiate it from the competition.

eBook: How to optimize your margins and maximize profits in retail

Between the big box stores and online retailers, a price war is raging. That’s how they plan to win sales and grow. But if you’re an independent retailer, you can’t match prices and expect to see growth. Learn how you can optimize margins, gain profits and grow in this eBook.

eBook: How to optimize your inventory and grow your retail business

Streamlining your inventory processes can save you thousands of dollars a year. Without proper focus, valuable shelf space is filled with less profitable items while the good stuff gathers dust in the back room. Use this guide to reduce hidden inventory costs and optimize your inventory investment.

eGuide: Success through retail optimization

Your point of sale system should give you the information you need to optimize inventory management. Continually stock your hottest items; reduce the amount of slower sellers. Discover how Epicor Solutions helped 3 lawn and garden retailers improve their processes and increase efficiency.

Infographic: Engage customers and earn their loyalty

To entice customers to shop at your store, you must provide the knowledge, tools and products shoppers want at the right time and price. Tapping into buyer behaviors and creating a great experience can help you earn loyalty and profits. Here are 7 ways to beat the competition.

Whitepaper: Growing customer loyalty- How to create the best shopping experience for your customers

Lawn and garden retailers can become the one-stop resource center for their customers and usher in a new era of customer loyalty. Use this white paper to learn what gardeners consider important and how you can match your in-store experience to meet their needs.

eBook: Customer engagement in retail

There are three ways to attract and keep customers: price, product and, most importantly, experience. Engaging your customers at every point of the customer journey, in their preferred manner, will create loyal customers who will continue to give you their business. Plus, you’ll out-service the competition.

To compete in you market, you’ll likely need to connect in more ways with your customers. Here are six strategies for choosing your channels so you can engage with your customers whenever and wherever they prefer to shop.

Miniguide: Success Through Analytics

Retail management software can help you spot issues with the right tools, data and analytics. By understanding who your best customers are, how shopping patterns are shifting in your region and how pricing impacts loyalty, you can make the best decisions for your store. See how these four stores made it work for them.

Flyer: Planting the Seeds of Success

There are six key areas you need to evaluate in your garden center to have a smooth and successful season. From improving your register speed to capturing customer information, the right retail management software can help you get the information you need to improve efficiencies and drive growth.

Infographic: 7 Retail KPIs that Really Matter in Retail

Independent garden centers often thrive or fail based on their ability to identify, track and act upon key performance indicators. By watching the right numbers, you can prevent overstocking and understocking. And by tracking the average customer spend, profit margins and more, you can ensure profitability. Here are the numbers you need to be watching.

eBook: Metrics that Matter-Most Effective KPIs to Help Transform your Business

The faster and more accurately you can analyze key performance indicators, the better your chance for success. By watching the right numbers, you can stock more efficiently, ensure a good gross margin return on investment and find ways to make more money per customer. Learn more here. 

Infographic: 6 ways retail analytics can maximize profitability for garden centers

Real-time analytics are essential for your success. From finding new products to complement your highest-selling products to monitoring business on your mobile device to avoid costly problems, analytics tools can help you make smarter decisions. Here are six ways retail analytics can help you maximize your profitability.

Infographic: 6 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs to be Mobile

Garden centers may have considered mobile technology to help reduce long line waits during peak seasons. But mobile devices have many other applications that can help improve customer service, management and efficiency in your stores. Epicor Software outlines 6 reasons why your retail business should consider mobile.

eBook: How mobile tools are benefitting lawn and garden retailers

Mobile devices have many benefits, including helping retailers provide better customer service by giving staff the confidence and information they need to educate shoppers and increase sales. Find out how mobile technology from Epicor Software can also help the leadership team make faster, on-the-fly business decisions, enhance productivity and monitor their business from anywhere at any time.

eBook: Winning by the Numbers: How successful garden retailers boost growth and profits with POS systems

What is the secret to success? Epicor Software’s latest eBook can help you learn how independent garden center owners are using their point of sale systems and business management software to evaluate key metrics to improve decision-making and increase profits.

Infographic: 6 essential metrics to monitor

What numbers do leading lawn and garden retailers watch regularly, and which metrics really matter? This infographic from Epicor Software illustrates 6 essential metrics to monitor using business management software, how and when to measure the numbers and why they are vital to success.

Video: How garden retailers boost growth and profits with their POS

Monitoring key metrics like sales volume and gross margin dollars at your garden center is important to improve decision making, revenues and more. This short video explains how you can boost business growth by focusing on these 6 essential numbers, which are easy to track using Epicor Software systems.