Epicor Software Education Series

Get ready for Spring with the Epicor Software Education Series   

Choosing the right point of sale system for your garden center and monitoring key metrics are essential to maximizing your company’s efficiency and profits. Get ready for the spring season by learning which 6 numbers successful garden centers watch closely using business management systems from Epicor Software


eBook: Winning by the Numbers: How successful garden retailers boost growth and profits with POS systems

What is the secret to success? Epicor Software’s latest eBook can help you learn how independent garden center owners are using their point of sale systems and business management software to evaluate key metrics to improve decision-making and increase profits.

Infographic: 6 essential metrics to monitor

What numbers do leading lawn and garden retailers watch regularly, and which metrics really matter? This infographic from Epicor Software illustrates 6 essential metrics to monitor using business management software, how and when to measure the numbers and why they are vital to success.

Video: How garden retailers boost growth and profits with their POS

Monitoring key metrics like sales volume and gross margin dollars at your garden center is important to improve decision making, revenues and more. This short video explains how you can boost business growth by focusing on these 6 essential numbers, which are easy to track using Epicor Software systems.