Five Questions With Ben Langeveld

Increase spring and fall bulb sales with these tips from Netherland Bulb Co.

1) What bulbs do you anticipate being in highest demand this Spring?

We have probably seen the Dahlia category increase most consistently over the past five years, and especially the last two during the pandemic. The fact that they are so versatile for patio pots or flowerbeds, are great cut flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors, and flower all summer into fall have made them a gardener’s favorite.

2) What tips do you have for the independent garden center to increase Spring bulb sales?

Take advantage of all the POP and merchandising vehicles that Netherland Bulb Co. has to offer. Presentation and location are everything! Spring bulbs give you the opportunity for early sales before the annuals and perennials arrive. Giving them a prominent spot will whet everyone’s appetite for spring. If you can’t put the whole selection up front, put just a small rack near the cash register for impulse sales.

3) What popular trends have you seen in the Netherland Bulb Co. Spring program?

We have seen a large shift to tropical-themed gardening, which the pandemic intensified. Since we spend more time in the backyard than ever, people tend to plant showy tropical plants to make them feel like they are on vacation. Bulbs such as elephant ears (Colocasia and Alocasia), caladiums, callas or cannas and banana plants (available in our water plant program) will make you feel like you are at an island resort right in your own backyard.

Presentation and location are everything! Spring bulbs give you the opportunity for early sales before the annuals and perennials arrive.

4) What resources does Netherland Bulb Co. offer independent garden centers in terms of marketing and/or education?

Our website, social media and email blasts have informative tips and tools for you to help market your own business and educate your employees and customers. Our store locator will let people in your area know that Netherland Bulb Co. products are available in your store. We can also provide content to sell bulbs online on your website by providing information about each variety and a digital picture for your online store. It is important for you to alert your customers on your website or Facebook page when the spring bulbs arrive so you can get the early sales, and your customers get to choose from a full selection.

5) How do you help independent garden centers build custom flower bulb programs?

We have a highly trained professional national salesforce that only sells Netherland Bulb Co. products and will visit your garden center or nursery. They will analyze, consult with you and ask the right questions to come up with the right proposal for your garden center. A salesperson who personally knows your business will put the right varieties and amount of product in your store.

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