Five questions with Tom Durkin

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How direct importing can help you save

March 11, 2021

Tom Durkin

1. Why should independent garden centers consider buying on a direct import basis?

Two simple reasons: Lower prices. Higher margins. Garden centers are leaving money on the table by purchasing many of their items through a traditional wholesaler. Our customers are retailing Glenhaven products using far higher margins and markup structures compared to other wholesalers.

2. Am I too small to purchase on a direct import basis? What are my responsibilities when buying direct import?

You are absolutely not too small to purchase on a direct import basis. Most of Glenhaven’s customers are single-store garden centers and they easily reach our minimum order requirements. Our minimum order requirement for any one item is one case pack or master carton. IGC retailers can leverage the power of the co-op buy by ordering the same items being purchased by other leading garden centers on a direct import basis. And, as the customer, stores do not have any responsibilities concerning the direct importing process. Glenhaven manages all of the transportation and import logistics of the transaction. We handle every part of the process including delivery to your door or dock.

3. Can I get both a broad offering and unique products on a direct import basis?

Glenhaven offers over 3,000 garden products and 5,000 Christmas and holiday items across every major product category. We offer basic garden hardgoods from China and India as well as unique bold statement garden décor, statuary and pottery products from Bali and Vietnam. We also offer outdoor living dining and patio furniture from China and Indonesia. Customers do not need to worry about buying a full container load of product. We manage the consolidation of your entire order and take care of everything for you.

4. How can I be sure I will receive high quality and reliable products?

We only use the leading and most reliable factories in the industry. All products are also inspected prior to shipment from Asia. Glenhaven is 100% responsible for any damages or breakage that may occur during transit. We can provide prospective customers with references from our current garden center customer base. Our products come from the very same factories that supply product to most American and Canadian garden centers. However, they are currently buying through a wholesaler who is charging them a much higher price to cover their own overhead and operational costs.

5. How can Glenhaven offer such low prices?

We do not have the overhead costs of traditional wholesalers such as showrooms, salespeople and unsold inventory in a warehouse. All of these savings are passed on to Glenhaven’s customers so they can source their products at the lowest possible price and generate higher margins on all of their sales.

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